Our Riding Holidays



This is a unique holiday opportunity to experience the largest outdoor museum in the world (Luxor, Egypt) from the back of a horse for a week.

We are booking holidays now! Please submit your inquiry with Nobi by WhatsApp at +20 100 504 8558 or email info@luxorstables.com.

                                                SAMPLE PROGRAMS

We offer two holidays. Sample programs are set out below. The programs run for six days but we can be flexible to meet your needs. The group size for holidays is between 2 – 6 people, but lone travellers are also welcome. Please be aware that the timing of activities is approximate and that routines and riding excursions will vary according to the time of year. The best riding weather is from late September until the end of May. Daytime temperatures from June to August can be very high so riding at this time of year will start very early or very late in the day.

PROGRAM 1                               SIX DAYS IN LUXOR

Day 1 –  Introductions and Nile and Village Tour*(see below)

Day 2 – Sugar Cane and Banana Plantation Ride*, Egyptian Cooking Experience

Day 3 – Desert Sunrise Ride to watch the hot air balloons*, Evening quadbike ride in the desert

Day 4 – Felucca trip on the Nile. Habu Temple and Desert Sunset Experience*

Day 5 – Countryside and Mountain Adventure*

Day 6 – Free choice of rides. Camel Ride around the village.

The price of this package is 1250 euros


Day 1 – Ride through the countryside and fields to Habu Temple. Felucca trip on the Nile

Day 2 – Sunrise desert ride to watch the hot air balloons*. Visit Hatshepsut Temple and Valley of the Kings.

Day 3 – Countryside ride to the Ramesseum with guided tour. Visit the Souq in Luxor.

Day 4 – Visit Luxor and Karnak Temples by microbus.

Day  5 – Transfer to Hurghada by private microbus. 3 hour desert ride followed by a swim with your horse in the Red Sea.

Day 6 – Six hour excursion on horseback into the mountains.

The price for this package is 1500 euros


 Nile and Village Tour*                                             

A gentle ride through the villages and palm trees along the west bank of the River Nile.  This will give you the opportunity to get to know your horse and  to observe the wildlife and get a true feeling for Egyptian village life.

Sugar Cane and Banana Plantation Ride*

A ride through the sugar cane fields, farmland and countryside. See the farmers tilling the fields in the same way as their forefathers in the time of the Pharaohs! Observe the beauty of Mount Thebes in the distance!

Habu Temple and Desert Sunset Experience*

A more adventurous trip but suitable for all types of rider. This trip will take you through villages, fields and farmland into the desert. Ride past the magnificent temple of Medinet Habu  and  the Christian monastery at the foot of Mount Thebes, passing the Ramesseum and tombs of the West Bank, enjoying the tranquillity away from the tourist crowds. Enjoy a romantic sunset in the desert from the top of a sand dune!

Desert Sunrise Ride*

Enjoy a really peaceful ride up to the desert and watch the sunrise over Luxor and see the magnificent hot air balloons taking off.

Countryside and Mountain Adventure*

Our four hour secret mountain ride will take you from the stables through the tranquil banana and sugar cane fields, through the villages of ancient mud-brick houses up to Mount Thebes. From here you will find the panoramic view of Luxor and the West Bank truly breath-taking! You will pass by secret valleys and caves that are well off the beaten track. You will return through the small town of New Gurna, past the delightful temple of Seti 1 and back through the fields to the stables

Egyptian Cooking Experience*

Prepare, cook and eat your Egyptian meal  with the family in the family home.

Extra Activities:

For an additional charge we can arrange any of the following activities or visits for you in your free time.

  • Dawn Balloon Ride
  • Visit Brooke and ACE animal hospitals. These are on the East Bank 
  • Habu Temple
  • Ramesseum
  • Valley of the Kings, Valley of the Queens, Tombs of the Nobles
  • Dier el Medina (worker’s village)
  • Luxor Temple
  • Karnak Temple Sound and Light
  • Howard Carter House


• Our program runs throughout the year and we are not restricted to any particular dates, which means we can fit in with your travel dates.
• The main focus of your holiday is riding and caring for your horse, which will be available to you on a part-loan agreement for your stay. Included in the cost of your stay are lunch, some suppers and some excursions in the local area which will enable you to visit some magnificent historic sites and enjoy some quieter leisure time. These are included on the schedule. We will also advise you about other venues and activities which you might like to enjoy at your own expense in your free time. At the start of your stay we will ensure that you have a safety induction and we will explain our program to you. You will be given the opportunity to ask any questions and you will be shown around the village and amenities. Our program is flexible and we aim to accommodate the wishes of our customers.
• We have many years’ experience in offering rides to customers of all ages and abilities and although we don’t currently offer formal lessons, your guide will instruct you as necessary as you are hacking out. We are happy to accept complete beginners who have a genuine desire to learn about horses and riding. Please see also our Information for Customers, which advises you what else you will need when riding in Egypt.